Reserve Citizen Airmen from the 302nd Maintenance Group meet with senior leaders during a speed mentoring session at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado to opportunity to discuss professional development opportunities. Photo by Staff Sgt. Tiffany Lundberg.

Have You Created Your Reserve Enlisted/Officer Development Plan?

Every branch, squadron and unit has a mission statement, but do you have one for your career? If not, you should. The Air Force has created a tool, known as the Reserve Enlisted/Officer Development Plan, to assist citizen airmen in mapping out their career. I am an enlisted Tech. Sgt. at the point in my career where I am asking myself, what’s next?  When I ...

Sgt. Maj. Erick M. Detrich, HHC, 13th ESC Plans Sergeant Major, hands in his duffle bag inventory sheet as he loads his bag in the connex.  As vehicles and equipment begin the process of being transported in support of DEFENDER- Europe 20 and preparations continue, the first wave of Soldiers from 13th ESC will deploy to Eastern Europe this month.

20,000 soldiers set to deploy for DEFENDER-Europe 20 

The Department of the Army announced the largest U.S.-based Army exercise of forces to Europe since the Cold War.  DEFENDER-Europe 20, a joint, multi-national, U.S. Army Europe-commanded exercise, will take place this spring and includes the deployment of 20,000 soldiers from across all components.    Brig. Gen. Sean Bernabe, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations for U.S. Army Europe, explained the intent of the largest ...

The ultimate list of veteran employment resources

Understanding how your particular skills relate to the current civilian job market can be a challenge. You’ve just spent a significant portion of your life speaking in a language that many civilian employers will have difficulty understanding. One of the most arduous aspects for veterans seeking employment is finding the right way to translate skills so that employers and hiring managers can best understand ...

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Photo by Sgt. Brendan Mackie.

Interstate transfers and your career

Transferring between units is not a decision to make lightly, nor will the transfer happen overnight. Like most requests made in the military, it is not guaranteed to be approved. If you are considering a significant career change, such as transferring units, here are a few guidelines from a soldier who has already gone through it to help you through the process. The first ...

Super Six governing members pictured in front of the helicopter that rescued Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.

Citizen Airmen Lead by Example to Rally Junior Enlisted

Enlisted airmen from the 943rd Rescue Group are transforming traditional leadership techniques to motivate the junior ranks within their unit. The Super Six, a group based out of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ, uses a mix of community service projects and professional growth opportunities to develop leaders within the Air Force Reserve. Priorities include bolstering morale, encouraging involvement, and dignifying the wingman ...

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