The ultimate list of veteran employment resources

Understanding how your particular skills relate to the current civilian job market can be a challenge. You’ve just spent a significant portion of your life speaking in a language that many civilian employers will have difficulty understanding. One of the most arduous aspects for veterans seeking employment is finding the right way to translate skills so that employers and hiring managers can best understand ...

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Photo by Sgt. Brendan Mackie.

Interstate transfers and your career

Transferring between units is not a decision to make lightly, nor will the transfer happen overnight. Like most requests made in the military, it is not guaranteed to be approved. If you are considering a significant career change, such as transferring units, here are a few guidelines from a soldier who has already gone through it to help you through the process. The first ...

Super Six governing members pictured in front of the helicopter that rescued Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.

Citizen Airmen Lead by Example to Rally Junior Enlisted

Enlisted airmen from the 943rd Rescue Group are transforming traditional leadership techniques to motivate the junior ranks within their unit. The Super Six, a group based out of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ, uses a mix of community service projects and professional growth opportunities to develop leaders within the Air Force Reserve. Priorities include bolstering morale, encouraging involvement, and dignifying the wingman ...

Optimistic Military Families

Four Ways Military Families Can Embrace Optimism

We can all learn from those who have served, dedicated their careers to helping others, and remained optimistic during the transition to their next opportunity. Whether drawing inspiration from career soldiers, veterans transitioning from active duty to the reserves, or reservists considering retirement, these individuals often model a positive mindset that we can all take inspiration from.  Veterans still serve their communities as they embrace the next chapter in their lives, much as parents continue to care for their children even after they’ve grown up and moved out. A soldier’s legacy is as consistent as a mother’s love.    We can all learn ...

Danielle Trosclair, pictured with a member of the Louisiana National Guard, is the program manager for the National Guard Employment Network. Submitted photo.

Civilian career options: Which way to go

Younger veterans continue to face an increased rate of joblessness when compared with peers who served in previous eras. A newly released Bureau of Labor Statistics report showed an ongoing trend of Post-9/11 military job seekers with a higher rate of unemployment than older generations of veterans. There has been a collaborative effort by organizations and companies to address this issue through the expansion ...

Reintegrating on the Homefront

by Bianca Strzalkowski The return after a deployment is one of the most highly anticipated moments for any service member. Reintegration is the period attached to homecoming when military personnel transition back into life on the home front. It is a given that this timeframe is an exciting one, but once the pomp and circumstance fades, issues may arise. These challenges can be common, ...

Online education

3 things veterans should do before taking online classes

All online education is not created equal. Nearly one-third of college students take distance education courses, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. However, the investment into a degree is an expensive one and like with any big purchase, there are necessary steps a student should take to guarantee they get the most bang for their buck. Franc Lopez, president of the Council ...

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