Julie Miller

Julie Miller

Julie Miller, Vice President of Sales, has been with the company for nearly 19 years, and has served in the business of military publishing, advertising and marketing for 25 years.

She hails from a long line of U.S. Navy family, including her grandfather, an Annapolis graduate and Navy pilot; her father, a Navy pilot turned commercial pilot; her sister, a career Navy legalman; and late husband, a career chief yeoman. Her mother, aunt and uncle also served in the Navy Reserve.

Julie’s passion for the military is in-bred and is equal only to her desire to assist advertisers achieve their goals using her marketing skills and expertise in this important niche market.

She holds a master’s degree in mass communications and public relations from Kent State University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from University of Maryland.

After living around the country and the world, Julie now resides in her hometown in Northern Illinois. She is extremely proud of her two children who live in Boston and Chicago, and adores her rescue cat, “Freddie.” Her favorite claim to fame is that she and her son were born in the same hospital room in Okinawa, Japan!

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