9 Clothing Stores That Offer Serious Military Discounts

By Sarah Sicard
These nine stores offer big military discounts so service members can dress for less.

Your military ID can score you some pretty sweet retail discounts. Almost all the usual stores you’ll find in a mall or outlet will offer somewhere around a 10% discount, but some places go well beyond that.

If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe, these nine stores have you covered with their seriously good military discounts.


A favorite among young service members, this is a place where you can get all your casual-wear. Famous for its brightly colored polo shirts, Aeropostale is a very easy place to go for all your basic closet staples — jeans, shorts, khakis, sweatshirts, sweaters, and button-downs. Aeropostale offers 20% off for all military members with an ID.

American Eagle Outfitters

Another favorite among the early 20s crowd, American Eagle offers a 15% discount to military members. A step up from Aeropostale in terms of price, consumers typically report that the clothes at American Eagle have more fitting options. It’s style is known to be a mix of preppy and beachy, also boasting a wide array of colorful polo shirts. Plus, that logo is undeniably patriotic.

Banana Republic

It’s a little more upscale than the average mall store, but Banana Republic offers 15% off for all those with a military ID. While you wouldn’t shop here for your t-shirts and socks, this is a great place to buy your Sunday best, or if you’re making the transition to the civilian job market.

Champs Sports

You don’t just need casual or dress clothes to complete your wardrobe — workout gear is essential too. If you’re looking for reasonably priced sneakers, or professional paraphernalia, Champs Sports is the way to go. They even offer 20% off all purchases with a valid military ID.

Old Navy

Just check the name. Old Navy is one of the best spots to cover all your family’s clothing needs.  Stylish, but always within budget, it not only has a ton of stores nationwide, but a large online presence too. The company offers 10% off clothing for service members at all times. But what you should really watch for is “Military Monday,” which is every Monday and the deals varies week-to-week.

The base exchange

This might seem like a given. But the Exchange can have some really great deals on designer clothes, and it’s always tax free. If you live on base, or in an area where shopping is sparse, this is probably already your go-to.


Rockport is known for its stylish but insanely comfortable shoes. Not only do they have professional-wear, walking shoes, boots, and heels, but they also offer 15% off for those carrying a military ID.


Founded in 1996, Shoes.com could not make shoe-buying any easier. It’s like the Amazon.com of shoes, carrying 100s brands. of name They offer service members both a 20% discount, and free shipping. Even better, if you hate the shoes you order, there’s a 60-day return policy — meaning you can really think hard for two months before cutting the tags and wearing them or sending them back.

Under Armor

On the higher end of the athletic-wear spectrum, Under Armor does offer up to 15% discounts on its apparel. Plus, who doesn’t love the way that Under Armor fabric feels? You can’t get much better clothes for working out.

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