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Wherever former squad mates go camping, MetLife Federal Dental is with you.

MetLife Federal Dental Plan

Serving military retirees with one of the nations’ largest dental networks.

The MetLife Federal Dental Plan is proud to welcome retired uniform service members. We look forward to providing you and your families with the dental coverage—and savings—that are most important to you.

With the current TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) transitioning to FEDVIP, you can now choose a plan that gives you access to one of the nation’s largest networks—over 393,000 dentist locations. Widespread coverage is only the beginning. You’ll also receive significant discounts including no out-of-pocket costs for in-network cleanings, X-rays and exams. Higher annual and lifetime plan maximums are also available to you as is child and adult orthodontia coverage. There is no annual deductible for in-network services and no waiting period to receive benefits.

We’re also making the transition to FEDVIP extremely convenient. In fact, any treatment started under TRDP will be covered by your MetLife plan option, including root canal, crowns, bridgework, dentures and orthodontia services. While you’ll receive all of this and more, what you won’t experience are any rates increases for 2019.

This level of coverage is supported by an equally high level of service, supported by the fact that 99% of claims are paid within 10 days*. The MetLife Federal Dental Plan also comes with the peace of mind of knowing that 96% of our members would tell you to choose us.**

For more information on your smooth transition to the MetLife Federal Dental Plan, visit or call 1-888-865-6854. And remember, you must enroll during Open Enrollment, November 12-December 10 EST.


*MetLife claims data as of December 2017.

**Based on the 2017 MetLife Federal Dental Plan Participant Satisfaction Survey.

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